Speed Dog runs their events on a "Block Schedule". Below is the a sample of the email that participants receive about a week before the event.

Fast CAT Participants,


Attached you wilfind the Block Schedule for each event/day. If you do NOT see youdog, please contact me. The way the Block Schedule works is you have the entire hour to come to the field and get yourun in. Roll Call begins 15 min before each Block Schedule start time. We will Roll Call you ayou arrive and put you in the run orde(the schedules attached are NOT the run order!). Roll call for each Block ends 15 minutes before the Block ends. The FIRST Block of the day is reserved for WORKERS.


Example: You can arrive at any time during you"block" You will then be roll called anput on the board. Roll call for a block starts 15 minutes before the Blocks start time. i.e. if you are in a 9-10 block you can arrive at 8:45 or ANY time up to 9:45.


Again, the names are just listed in a particular Block. They are NOT listed in the order the dogs will be run!!!


If you have multiple dogs, time conflicts with other events, etc. we wilhandle those at the TriaSecretarytent at the field.


You wilnotice there are blank spaces for on-site entries. We wiluse these for over flow, to movpeople with conflicts and day of show entries and those that want to run their dog concurrently. The CHECKED-IN   Pre-entered dogs run first and then we followith on-site entries. We wilhavapprox. 5 teams at a time waiting in the tent waiting to go on the field. This should give everyone space.


Check ALL the “Pre-Entry”  pages for your dog before emailing the Trial Secretary that your entry is missing.


Please DO NOT hang out at the start tent until it is your turn. We wilhave a couple of tents for shade and to get out of the rain (if we get any)


There wilbe plenty of parking at the field BUT no shade - bring itemto keeyou and youdog cool. Make sure you have a sturdy crate for your dog – there are many sighthound owners missing headrests, armrests, parts of their seats/dash due to dogs that want OUT to run.


 If you have questions, we are more than happy to help. If you are new to the sport of Fast CAT, there will be a Handlers meeting is at am each day. Like all dog sports, it takes a village please considevolunteering. We are happy to train you! Most jobs are "sit down".

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